An Even Better Cat Poem (By My Sons)

My sons were not impressed with the poem I wrote about our cat for dVerse Poets Pub. They suggested (insisted) I should post their ‘Song for Zoe’ instead. They’ve composed it themselves, written the lyrics and regularly perform it as a lullaby for our bemused cat. So here goes: the much better cat poem which perfectly captures her quintessential nature (and it rhymes!).

Zoe can be fierce and Zoe can be scary,

Zoe can be cute and Zoe is so hairy.

Zoe can be fussy and Zoe can be strong.

Zoe can be greedy and this is Zoe’s song.

29 thoughts on “An Even Better Cat Poem (By My Sons)”

    1. They give Andrew Lloyd Webber a run for his money, right? I like the fact that the fussiest eaters of all comment on the cat’s eating habits…

  1. Oh, I like this very much, Marina Sofia! Your sons have talent (not that I’m surprised given their mum).

  2. ha. absolutely cute….props to your sons. i have written poetry with both my boys
    and it is a treat to see them try to do what dad does…..smiles.

    way to go boys

  3. These boys don’t sound like teenagers yet; & their Ballad to Zoe would be enough to make Pat Hatt smile, & his cat. Isn’t it interesting that your boys don’t have to work hard at seeing the world as such a place of wonder; a thing most of we jaded adults have to project and remember; such fun, & great energy.

    1. No, they’re not yet teenagers – sometimes they act like 2 year olds, but they are somewhere in-between… varies from day to day. Thank you for reading their efforts!

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