In Case of Emergency…

I doubt anyone will even notice I am gone during the next few weeks, but just in case you are not away on holiday or if you have a bit of time on your hands, break the safety glass and get your hands on some of my favourite older posts.

Hanging my (writing) clogs up for a few weeks... Wish me luck!
Hanging my (writing) clogs up for a few weeks… Wish me luck!

My first book review: The Expats by Chris Pavone

My first Japanese poetic love: Tawara Machi

Rereading one of my favourite books: The Great Gatsby 

The first time I finished writing (instead of reading) a novel: This Is the End

One of my snarkiest posts, about Overrated Books

Finally, an unforgettable walk on the Franco-Swiss border

Tomorrow’s post Friday Fun will be scheduled, as I’ll be busy wrangling with boxes, burly removal men and irate neighbours unable to get out of their driveway because of giant lorries.

So next time I post live, it will be from England.


25 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency…”

  1. Wishing you well with your move, Marina Sofia! We’ll miss you, and I hope you’ll let us all know how it went.

  2. Good luck from me, too, Marina. Brexit in reverse, as I think you suggested recently!

  3. Good luck from me too. I shall certainly notice your absence – but I’ll enjoy reading those posts in the meantime 🙂

  4. I wish you all the best Marina and may your journey be smooth. I may be away a bit in August as I just learned I may have a visitor from Uzbekistan, primarily Tashkent, where he has been living for over a decade. He was hoping for somewhere quiet to absorb some of the material from the courses he just completed at Oxford. Then he is off to a new position in Saint Petersburg. No doubt he will have some stories to share.
    While I do look forward to your posts from England, I just cannot fathom leaving France! All the best, Léa

  5. You’re leaving what I consider a rare high quality of life place – quiet, organized and with so much close at hand. Best wishes on leaving for soon-to-be non EU shores haha! Seriously though, looking forward to your posts, ’cause I’ve figured we often share tastes in books: I liked The Expats a lot, and share all your “Overrated Books” opinions. So as we say in Italy, “Auguri!” on your move and have a good summer … anyway!

    1. Ah, well, I’m sorry to be leaving this place – it was not quite my choice. But I am looking forward to enjoying the cultural life in London – only a short 30 minute train ride away.

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