Summer Update on #EU27Project

What is lovely about the #EU27Project and its easy-going nature is that it bubbles along nicely even if I somewhat neglect it occasionally. And that is thanks to all of your contributions, dear readers and bloggers. Let me try to summarise, however, what has been added to the bouquet of links over the past 3 months. We now have a total of 70 reviews up there (although I have to exclude 4 which are either duplicates or errors) and, for the stats fiends amongst you:

  • France leads the way with 12 reviews
  • Austria is punching well above its size with 9
  • Germany and The Netherlands have 6 each
  • Denmark and Italy are next, with 5 each
  • Ireland and Finland have 4
  • Poland and Belgium are on 3
  • Portugal, Croatia and Czechia are on just 2 each
  • And poor Spain only has 1 review – thank you Lizzy!

We have had the good fortune of attracting some new contributors. Marcelle is a Norwegian booklover who blogs at Lesser Known Gems. As the name indicates, she likes finding the less obvious classical authors and books which deserve to be more widely read, and she does so from a very international perspective. She has added some Portuguese, Italian, Austrian  Belgian and Dutch gems to our links page. In fact, her puzzled review of Grazia Deledda’s After the Divorce made me seek it out to read and make up my own mind.

Emma from Book Around the Corner has also joined us with a review of short stories by 1920s Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz.  And I’m delighted to say that Maphead has come back after a long absence with a Croatian entry.

Elsewhere, we have plentiful and excellent reviews from Jonathan, Susan Osborne, Lizzy’s Literary Life, The Book Satchel and Booker Talk. Some of our earlier contributors have taken a wee bit of a rest (as I have myself, so who’s to blame them?), but I hope they will remember to link some more of their reviews in the future. In the meantime, there is plenty catch up on here, if you just click on the Mister Linky button at the bottom of the page, you will see all of the countries, books and blogger names. Please feel free to add your own links, even if they are books you’ve read a few months ago. The more the merrier!

European Union flags outside EU headquarters in Brussels

So my conscience is now telling me it is high time to pay some attention to previously unreviewed countries. I still have that collection of poetry from Malta. I have recently acquired a Latvian book High Tide by Inga Abele. I’ve kept mentioning Miklos Banffy (Hungary) and Javier Marias (Spain). On my ereader, I’ve got mainly German and French authors, so I will leave that aside for the time being.   Above all, I keep meaning to review Romanian authors – and have indeed read quite a few in preparation, but then decided that they weren’t quite right for this project. Maybe I’m being too fussy.

What countries from the EU27 would you like to know more about? What have you read recently which opened your eyes to a whole new culture?




16 thoughts on “Summer Update on #EU27Project”

  1. So glad to hear that this project is percolating along and making progress, Marina Sofia. It’s definitely a rich resource! It’s good to know, too, that you’re getting reviews from all sorts of different bloggers in different countries. I love that global perspective.

    1. I love that international perspective – and not just Europeans, either! I hope to do this project and its participants justice and write more about it in the future.

  2. Yes, it’s good to see it bubbling along. It’s quite nice to be able to contribute with no real pressure.

    I’m not sure which ones I will actually read but I do have a Greek one (Kazantsakis) that I keep considering, more Hrabal and of course more French books and more Schnitzler.

  3. It’s a wonderful project and if I was at all organised I would try to join in as I do love European writing. I suppose my constant visits to France and Colette count, but I *would* like to widen my scope – I have Banffy so perhaps I should bump him up the TBR!

    1. To quote a TV ad, ‘every little helps’, so you are very welcome to join in whenever you can. The Banffy is quite a commitment, the first volume alone looks thicker than most of the books on my shelf, but it will bubble along on the back burner while I am reading other things.

    1. I deliberately excluded UK, because this is a post-Brexit list. Hence the EU27 instead of EU28. I think most of us read so many UK writers anyway, that there was no need for a separate category.

  4. I just added another one for Portugal : Jesus-Christ Drank Beer by Afonso Cruz. A delight.

    I’ll add the 3 Spanish ones I’ve read this summer, it’ll help Spain’s toll. 🙂

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