Friday Fun: And Breathe… in New Zealand

This Friday Fun post is pure escapism, nothing political about it at all… but for some reason all of today’s houses seem to be located in New Zealand. A country I very much hope to visit some day. Most if not all of these pictures are taken from the wonderful website

Villa in Wairarapa, photo: Simon Devitt.
House designed by Strachan Architects, photo Patrick Reynolds.
House on Lake Wakatipu, photo Paul McCredie.
Kawau Island bach, photo Alex Wallace.
This house is not about the view, but about the rather lovely inner courtyard. Photo: Samuel Hartnett
The perfect beach house? Sorry, not sure of photo credit, but I couldn’t resist sharing it.


8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: And Breathe… in New Zealand”

  1. Oh stop it! I’m stuck in my Eldest Child’s old bedroom working from home and dreaming of escape and now I want to be magically transported to the landscape of New Zealand – it looks just wonderful…

  2. Oh, what a lovely post, Marina Sofia! It’s making me nostalgic. I’ve been to NZ four times, and adored it each time. I was hoping to go back this past year, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully I will some time…

  3. I shared a miniscule house with a New Zealander when I lived in London, and could never understand why anyone would leave such a gorgeous country to live in a dog-kennel-sized bedroom over here!

  4. I’d always wanted to go to New Zealand -finally made it last year and it was every bit as wonderful as I imagined. Now you given me another chance to indulge in those memories..

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