Friday Fun: Travelling the World of Interiors

I’ve always been fascinated by interior design from different countries. In an ideal world, I’d want a house or two on each continent, decorated in the traditional style. Is that cultural appropriation? Well, I certainly would feel more at home in any of these environments, rather than that same bland magnolia or silver decor that I so often see in houses for sale on Rightmove.

Indian-inspired interior from Architects’ Diary.
Moroccan blue and white will always undo me, from Pinterest.
Not sure where in the world this is, but it seems faintly Sri Lankan to me. From sacred-dwelling on Tumblr.
Chinese bedroom you can order from 3D Export, apparently.
The minimalism of Japanese traditional homes, from
Dining room in Bahia, from seems fairly simple, traditional.
But then there is also the prospect of modern Brazilian decor, especially against that backdrop. Studio Arhtur Casas, from

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Travelling the World of Interiors”

    1. Everyone wants a blank canvas to play with, right? I remember when I was selling my lovely little cottage with a kitchen extension that was exactly my dream (never had another kitchen since that was so perfect), colourful, with a skylight etc. And the people who came for a viewing said: ‘Well, we’ll have to pull this down and start all over again…’ Broke my heart!

  1. Bahia for me – I love that wooden furniture, with glimpses of a lovely view out of the window. I agree with you about all the magnolia walls – I’ve always lived in rented properties, so the walls have almost always been magnolia. I just moved into my own home before lockdown, which is again all magnolia – I’m so keen to live in a non-bland house that there are colours and wallpaper going up everywhere! Probably I will look around in a year or two, think it’s all way too much, and wonder what I was thinking.

  2. I know just what you mean about interiors that reflect a culture, Marina Sofia. There’s just something so lovely about them – so unique. Hmm….I think I’d go for the Indian home, but I do love the minimalism of the Japanese home, too. Tough decision!

  3. It would be so hard to chose between the Chinese and Moroccan for me. All of these are places I could live in whereas most interior design photos show me a house that doesn’t feel like anywhere I would want to live…..

  4. I’m big into red and black so it would have to be the third one. I painted my office red and bought black furniture a few years back. Acquaintances thought I was nuts but the combo works for me.

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