Friday Fun: Mansions with Musical Links

Not that we need any excuse to show beautiful mansions or palaces, but, following the Canadian novel about musicians that I read earlier this week, I was inspired to find a bit of a musical theme to the following gorgeous pictures.

Chateau Vendeuvre in Normandy, still privately owned, does not really have any famous composer living here, but does have a rather annoying musical theme tune when you go the website.
The Sarkozy-Bruni household lives in this mansion. Carla Bruni of course was a model and singer before she became Madame Sarkozy.
The Chopin Museum in Warsaw is considerably grander than Chopin’s birthplace in the country manor house, where his father was a tutor. From
Leith Hill Place in Surrey was a place where Vaughan Williams spent most of his childhood. It is currently being restored as a National Trust property. From
The house of Robert and Clara Schumann in Leipzig, where they moved right after they married. The couple met in Leipzig too. From
The grandest privately-owned mansion in the United States, the Biltmore Estate, hosts annual summer music festivals. Still home to the descendents of the Vanderbilt family, from

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Mansions with Musical Links”

  1. Oh, these are gorgeous, Marina Sofia! And I do love the musical theme! My choice would be the Surrey place, but they’re all so lovely.

  2. I would love to visit Leith Hill Place when the restoration is finished. We used to go there for walks when I was a child – the hill not the house, but that part of Surrey is so beautiful. I love Vaughan Williams’ music, he must have been inspired by his surroundings when he was young.

    1. Yes, for myself I don’t need a big house. But I am contemplating getting a granny annexe next to a big house: I could live in the granny annexe and my books could be housed in the big house!

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