Friday Fun: Reading in Your Library

I can downsize quite easily if I live all by myself – but I will need a special room just for my books, somewhere to read, write, and just admire all the imacculately arranged shelves. The ideal would be the Whatley family’s specially-commissioned library in Texas (first picture below), but some of the others might also do…

Isn’t this just the best? A dream! From Texas Monthly.
Not quite as many bookshelves, but not bad, with comfortable chairs and sofas for group reading. From
If the above are too bright, here is a quieter, less glarey place, from
Another darker, cosier room, halfway between a boudoir and a library, from House Beautiful.
Love the way these bookshelves make use of everysingle bit of wallspace (the back wall is missing a few more shelves, though). From
Less glamorous, but perhaps more achievable, this reading nook in a house available for rent on AirBnB.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Reading in Your Library”

  1. I like the House Beautiful one: not TOO many books, and a variety of ways to lay back and enjoy. I’d guess there’s a TV on the side from which the picture was taken.

  2. These are all such lovely places to curl up with a book and a beverage! It’s hard to decide among them, really because they’re all so appealing. But if I had to choose, I’d go with the doorknob one. Those chairs and sofas look wonderful for relaxed reading.

  3. For some reason I love the idea of furniture made out of bookshelves, so I adore the reading nook. Every surface devoted to reading.

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