Friday Fun: Houses with a Quirky Touch

It’s all very well to buy traditional cottages or restore abandoned mansions, but what about these mainly newly-built houses with an extra touch of quirkiness?

Barn in Pennsylvania, from
How’s this for a swimming pool? From
Straight out of a Grimm fairytale, not surprising since it’s located in Germany. From
The blueness of this terrace just dazzles me, from Revista Living.
Hideaway cottage in Lake George, from Pinterest.
Updated farmhouse, by Truexcullings Architecture.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Houses with a Quirky Touch”

  1. Oh, these are beautiful, Marina Sofia! And part of that appeal is definitely that they aren’t ‘typical.’ That hideaway cottage on Lake George is especially calling me…

  2. I’d be a bit worried that the swimming pool in the second photo also has resident crocodiles – it looks to me like one of those pools in animal parks/zoos !! The German gothic, possibly converted church, is definitely calling me as a spooky, seasonal reading retreat.

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