Friday Fun: Dream Hotels for When We Travel Again

In the spirit of pure escapism, which is what these Friday Fun posts are all about, here are some hotels that I can but dream of… and which might not be available to me even after the restrictions are eased, thanks to their formidable price tags. However, it’s not necessarily the luxury that I’m talking about, but the blissful and harmonious merging with nature.

The view from the balcony of the Hotel Palafitte in Neuchatel, Switzerland is better than any cruise ship offer.
Another view of Hotel Palafitte, from the hotel’s website. What’s not to like about a room on stilts?
Miles from anywhere in Norway, Juveit Landscape Hotel, from
The pool of the Tierra Atacama hotel in Chile. From
Hotel Andaz Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, from the hotel’s website.
This hotel opposite one of Australia’s most iconic sites looks like a collection of tents, but oh, the luxury inside! Longitude 131, from hotel website.


13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dream Hotels for When We Travel Again”

  1. Ah, these are so lovely, Marina Sofia! I could gladly stay in any of them. The one in Costa Rica would be my choice, but any of them would be a gorgeous escape.

  2. I like Costa Rica too. I’m not fond of a lot of sun. I like lakes, rivers and trees with shade.

    1. Yes, I prefer the shade too. I find that it’s usually Northern people who adore and seek out the sun, while us in the Mediterranean or Balkans or Tropics know it’s best to stay in the shade.

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