Friday Fun: Autumnal Landscapes from Corylus Books @CorylusB

I thought I’d offer you something a little different this week: a series of autumnal landscapes to inspire and delight us, but all of them in settings featured in the books we have published thus far at Corylus (because we do like to travel with our reading and crime fiction). Maybe even a few hints as to upcoming titles! N.B. Of course, autumn is not necessarily the season during which the action in each book takes place. Here we go, in order of publication:

  1. In Anamaria Ionescu’s Zodiac, four murders take place in four different locations, with four strange and different marks on the victims – and the only thing they have in common is that all of them were born in the little spa town of Voineasa in the Romanian Sub-Carpathians.
Voineasa, photo from

2. Bucharest is the setting for Teodora Matei’s police procedural Living Candles featuring the unlikely duo of Anton Iordan and Sorin Matache – a city of dark shadows, wet pavements and damp basements.

Photo credit: Gabriel Furtuna, on Reddit.

3. Snagov Lake to the north of Bucharest is the place where many Romanian politicians have their villas, and where they conspire with the media to cover up the politically embarrassing story of a vigilante killer in Sword by Bogdan Teodorescu.

Snagov Monastery on an island on Snagov Lake, photo credit:

4. We first meet Sólveig Pálsdóttir’s police officer Guðgeir Fransson in The Fox, far away in exile in the picturesque but isolated settlement of Höfn on the east coast of Iceland.

Höfn landscape, from Rough Guide to Iceland.

5. Guðgeir is back in Reykjavik in the next book in the series, Silenced, in a tense story about appearances and reality, class and gender differences.

Iceland’s capital is also the setting for the forthcoming book Deceit by our new Icelandic author Jónína Leósdóttir.

Colourful Reykjavik in autumn, photo credit: Cristine Zenino.

6. Although the ‘port town in the west of France’ is never explicitly named in Jérôme Leroy’s clever novella Little Rebel, it might resemble Le Havre a little bit…

Photo credit: Arnaud Pointdefer on Instagram.

7. Some of the key conspiracy scenes in Bogdan Hrib’s spy thriller Resilience take place in Iasi in the north-east of Romania (close to the border with the Republic of Moldova).

The Culture Palace and panorama of Iasi, photo credit: Palas Iasi.

8.  Óskar Guðmundsson’s hard-hitting tale of trauma and revenge The Commandments takes place in the supposedly tranquil north of Iceland in Akureyri. How can anything bad ever happen in this beautiful little town?

Akureyri, photo credit: Rajan P. Parrikar

9. Harm, the third book featuring Guðgeir Fransson and his team of investigators alternates between Reykjavik and the breathtaking scenery of the Westman Islands – you know, the ones that often feature in wishlists of remote houses in inaccessible landscapes.

Photo credit: Adventures Iceland.

10. Bonus entry: in our novella Skin Deep, our first book to be translated from Spanish (estimated publication date spring 2023), we meet a group of cross-border investigators in the Basque region. The body, however, is found in Biarritz.

Photo credit:

Phew! Ten books since we launched at the start of 2020. That’s not bad, is it? Wonder where our literary travels will take us next! Well, the clue might lie in what I’m currently translating… And the action does take place in autumn!

Photo credit:

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Autumnal Landscapes from Corylus Books @CorylusB”

  1. Great Marina, a nice change from the usual. As an old crime writing buff, much neglected these days, I must take a look at some of these in my new retirement space. Don’t forget to look at AuthorsElectric on Sunday where you have a paragraph in my blog, Buttercups and Rhizomes!!

  2. Such a visual feast, Marina Sofia! I love autumn – always have liked it the best of all the seasons – and those landscapes are gorgeous. The books sound very good, too, and now you’ve got me wanting to squeeze some room into my TBR for them!

    1. It can be one of the most beautiful and bountiful times of the year. I hope you do find some room to read any of them – let me know if you are having trouble ordering them in the US and I can send them to you.

  3. What a great theme for your post, Marina! I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual tour of Corylus literary locations. The first three are especially appealing, I have to admit!

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