Friday Fun: Books in Corridors

Don’t let an awkwardly-shaped space or too many windows stop your book shelving impulses. Here are some examples of how you can decorate your house with books.

Elegant sweeping corridor bookshelves, from Pinterest.
This house in the Texas desert uses every inch of wall next to the window, from
Very similar concept for this house in the Hebrides, despite the clear difference in light. From WT Architecture
Another view of the same house – clearly built for booklovers, as there seem to be book spaces everywhere. From WT Architecture
This bookshelf is in the living room, but I could see it working just as well in a reasonably wide corridor. From
This was my favourite discovery last week: a holiday home in British Columbia designed specifically around the huge book collection of this couple. I would certainly happily spend all my holidays here if I had such a wondrous property! From Blue Sky Architecture on

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Books in Corridors”

  1. Under the window in the Hebrides is just gorgeous isn’t it?! I’m going to BC in the autumn but want to go outside so I won’t look for that house (not that my budget would stretch to it!)

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