Friday Fun: More Inspirational Workspaces

I’m not naturally a messy person. I am convinced of that. I simply do not have enough clever storage solutions. That must be the reason why I gravitate naturally towards the workspaces of architects, designers and artists. Most of them seem to be supremely tidy (at least when they have their studio photographed) and have plenty of pigeonholes, drawers and other means of tidying things away.

We’ll start off with something simple to warm up, a living room adapted for creativity, from Ina Referencias.
Isn’t that a fantastic creative island – I don’t want an island in the kitchen, I want one for writing, brainstorming, editing and everything else. From
This feels so calm and peaceful, with the colour coordination. From In Her Studio,
Desks large enough to accommodate computers, tea-trays, books and doodling are a must. From
The home study of the legendary Finnish designer Eero Aarnio from
And when you get tired of all that work, this cosy small house seems to have a little bit of everything you might need to be happy. From Instagram of Jody Nonnemacher.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: More Inspirational Workspaces”

  1. When my library was built, I loved having the space in the middle with all the shelving and the desk around the walls. But then when we had to make room *sigh* for an inherited dining table, I took my beautiful Australian blackwood round table into the library and put it into the middle of the room, filling the space. It’s fantastic having that extra ‘bench space’ to put things on.

    1. Sadly, my study also has to double as a guest room (with an armchair/bed), so I cannot have anything too big in the middle. I do have a book trolley that I shuffle around though!

  2. They’re all lovely, Marina Sofia, and so cleverly created! Really well done! I think I like the first one best – it combines ‘airy’ with ‘books,’ and it does feel comfortable. But Aarnio’s work space is so beautiful with all of that light and those windows!

  3. Your excuse is one I empathise with and so will shamelessly borrow: my new slogan will be What do I want? Clever storage solutions! When do I want it? Quite soon … but not just now, there’s a book I need to read first…

  4. Missed it yesterday Marina. Too busy supervising the finishing touches to the new bathroom, which we can now ‘swing a cat’ in, so I’m calling it Saturday fun and I like number two best. (My daughter has a kitchen like that!)

  5. In Her Studio is far too neat for my taste – it would feel like living on a movie set rather than in a real home. I see so many people posting instagram shots of carefully curated book shelves (colour co-ordinated or arranged to resemble a rainbow) and I think what sad people they are

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