Friday Fun: Tiny Escapes in Remote Locations

Chateaux and the like are all very well, but where do beleaguered artists go when they need to focus on their writing/art/belly button? As far away from the temptations of civilisation and the Internet as possible, of course.

Faroe Islands, from
Faroe Islands, from
Double loft rock house in US, from
Double loft rock house in US, from
Iceland, from
Iceland, from
Tiny lake house, from
Tiny lake house, from
Small and precariously perched in Serbia, from
Small and precariously perched in Serbia, from
Apuseni mountains, Romania, from
Apuseni mountains, Romania, from

Any of the above catch your fancy?

38 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tiny Escapes in Remote Locations”

    1. There are a couple of boat-houses on the Thames near where I used to live in the UK that I was coveting far more than the mansions they accompanied… but perhaps not isolated enough!

        1. Yes, it is! Because there’s nothing quite so good in life as ‘messing about in boats’, as The Wind in the Willows states (written around there).

    1. Well, I’m usually a bit grim and gloomy (or at least my reading material often is), so I try to have a little fun once a week! Glad you enjoyed it.

  1. All of them! There’s a great appeal at the thought of being alone in the middle of nowhere!!

  2. Oh, Marina Sofia, these are great! I’m moving into that lake house, I think. I can see myself really enjoying some time away there 🙂

  3. I actually like the rock house and the one in Iceland is lovely, too. Just the remoteness of it all is very appealing. Are these actually available? All are excellent pics of places I wouldn’t mind staying for a couple of weeks to get away from it all. The very idea of it is inspiring. Thanks and great post MarinaSofia.

  4. Not the Serbian one, that looks a bit anxiety-inducing (I’d have to balance out the bookcases!). But the others are amazing. Mind you, I’m forever running out of milk and I probably would miss the Co-op two doors down… The thought of being that out of touch and people-free is most appealing, however.

  5. The Icelandic one will do nicely for me this week. The island ones are lovely but I don’t fancy having to row out to my house. And Iceland should be refreshingly cool…

  6. I quite fancy the second one, the lovely loft house. That said, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to the hideaway in the Apuseni mountains, especially as the surroundings look so beautiful!

    1. Two very different choices – one looks quite swanky and the other almost certainly doesn’t have running water… My personal favourite is the Faroe Islands now – it looks really, really far away from everything. Although, as Mrs. Litlove pointed out, it would be a pain to nip out for your bread and milk…

  7. Oh I do love your Friday Fun hideaways… One day!

    Can I please ask a techy question – regarding using images in blog posts – as long as image source is acknowledged is it ok to get online? Preparing own site/blog but nervous re copyright rules

    1. I do try to acknowledge sources wherever possible – and stay away generally from the copyrighted images (where I need to ask for permission from the artist/photographer).
      Usually, these aggregated interior design sites have got the images from elsewhere and it’s not always possible to know the exact source. In that case, I may regretfully have to NOT use the image. I did use one such image once and the photographer got in touch with me. I apologised profusely for not doing my homework, but he was kind enough to allow me to use that image as long as I acknowledged original copyright.

  8. Being on the ancient Cathar trail here there are many remote spots. However, most of the old castles no longer have any type of ceiling so it doesn’t work too well in the rain. Not to fear, as there are wonderful places to escape to all about.

    1. Oooh, what a lovely area you live in! Yes, sadly, those chateaux are a bit beyond redemption even for those of us enamoured of ‘old stone’. But the landscapes must make up for it!

      1. But on a fair day, they are truly inspirational! My house is over 350 years old which is not considered to be an old house.

  9. The fifth one looks as though it’s been shipwrecked there so that’s out. The first one had immediate appeal but on second thoughts, I don’t like the steep drops, so I’d go with number 3

  10. Oh, they all appeal to the introvert in me! Each one made me gasp, and when I got to the little house perched on a rock in Serbia, I had to stop and picture myself there for a full five minutes. What wonderful vacation for my eyes, and thoughts, even for just a moment. Thanks for sharing such marvelous places!

    1. Oooh, thanks for the tip! I know there is a Tiny House movement going on, particularly in the US, which is almost like living in a caravan. I’ll check this out.

  11. p.s.s. Just noticed you’re reading The Tale of Genji, a novel I’ve long wanted to read. Looking forward to your thoughts on it, especially as I consider it for the Japanese Literature Challenge 9 in my own stacks.

    Okay, I think I’m done clogging up your comment queue.

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